APRIS2019 Awards and Next APRIS (APRIS2020) (PDF)!

APRIS2019 Award Selection

  • Outstanding Paper Award – From (A) 4 Regular papers
  • Best Short Paper Award – From (B) 16 Short papers and (C) 3 ESS abstract
  • Best Working In Progress Paper Award – From (D) 9 WIP papers
  • 1 Best Poster Award and 3 Outstanding Poster Award – From 22 poster presentations

APRIS2019 Outstanding Paper Award

Hidetoshi Yugen, Hideki Takase, Kazuyoshi Takagi and Naofumi Takagi, “A functionality expansion of the lightweight runtime environment mROS for the user defined message types”

APRIS2019 Best Short Paper Award

Yuji Nagaoka and Yoshiki Yamaguchi, “FPGA-based low latency framework for Vehicle-to-Vehicle wireless communication”

APRIS2019 Best Working-In-Progress Paper Award

Yoschanin Sasiwat, Nattha Jindapetch, Dujdow Buranapanichkit and Apidet Booranawong, “Effects of Human Presence and Movement on RSSI Levels in an Indoor Wireless Network”

APRIS2019 Best Poster Award

Yudai Iimura, Masahiro Terada, Thi Thi Shein and Makoto Imamura, “Evaluation of an Exercise Training Support System Based on Guidance Generation Method Using Joint Vector Model”

APRIS2019 Outstanding Poster Award

  • Fumitaka Hatsuhara and Masafumi Miwa, “Construction of general-purpose HiLS for Development of Large Sized Multi-copter”
  • Katsuya Matsubara, Ren Morita and Shoji Suzuki, “A Study of Optimizing Inter-node Communication with an IPC-based DDS Implementation in ROS2”
  • Nur Liyana Aqmar Kamal Ariffin, Wan Zuha Wan Hasan, Hafiz Rashidi Ramli, Nur Afiqah Ariffin and Alireza Ahmadi, “Analysis of YOLOV3 Data Training for Object Detection & Recognition System through a Robotic Research Platform, Human Support Robot (HSR)”



The 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Robot IoT System Development and Platform (APRIS2020) will take place at:

  • Date (tentative): Oct. 31 – Nov. 3
  • Place (tentative): Pattaya or Bangkok

Let’s meet again!