This year APRIS2023 is going to be held in a hybrid style (on-site + online)!

APRIS2023 is a conference on robotic IoT systems and related development and platform technologies in the Asia-Pacific region. The embedded systems, the basis of robots, IoT systems, and edge computing systems, are important components that support people’s social lives as a wide variety of products such as industrial equipment, communication terminals, home appliances, and automobiles. Therefore, in order to overcome various problems in the basic embedded systems, it is necessary to gather the power of various fields and induce innovation. Furthermore, it is necessary to conduct research and development that incorporates technological and market demands and new technology trends from a global perspective, not just in Japan. In particular, a large number of Japanese companies related to the information industry, centered on the automobile industry, have entered the Kingdom of Thailand, and many university and graduate school graduates are conducting research and development closely.

Therefore, APRIS2023 will be held from November 1st to 5th, 2023 (special project APRIS Robot Challenge from November 3rd to 5th). One of the purposes of this conference is to encourage ongoing research activities, especially by young researchers, and to present solid technical achievements.

Based on this way of thinking, we would like to invite not only technically sound papers, but also papers that have the potential to be presented at academic conferences. Even if the paper is not a final report, we would like to accept it if it contains useful information.

Call for Papers