Poster Session

Information for Poster Presenters

Presentation Format:
All presentations are to be conducted On-site only.

Poster Dimensions:
We recommend using A1-sized paper (594 × 841 mm) for your poster to ensure a good fit and visibility. Ensure that text and graphics are legible from a distance.

Setup Information:
Poster panels will be made available to all presenters starting from the morning of the first conference day. We encourage presenters to set up their posters well in advance of their scheduled session time to ensure everything is in order.

We look forward to your contribution and wish you a successful presentation!

Panel No.TitleAuthor
P01Sustainable Care Support System with Environmentally Adaptive Swarm Intelligence RobotsMikiko Sato, Gai Nagahashi, Eisuke Okazaki, Hayato Mori, Lee Yeonji, Takeshi Ohkawa, Yuji Sato and Midori Sugaya
P02Offloading Image Recognition Processing using Heterogeneous FPGAs for Care Robot ApplicationsEisuke Okazaki, Hayato Mori, Gai Nagahashi, Mikiko Sato, Midori Sugaya and Takeshi Ohkawa
P03A robotics software framework to change execution based on Behavior Trees at runtimeMahiro Iguchi and Harumi Watanabe
P04Comparison of IoT Data Filtering Strategies using AI and Statistics Symptom LearningSiwoo Byun
P05Implementation and its performance evaluation on low processing delay communication by raw socket communication for IoT servicesMichiro Fukuda, Tetsuya Yokotani, Koichi Ishibashi, Takaharu Suzuki and Kenji Akita
P06Proposal of an edge serverless computing platform with an asynchronous communication modelLi Yanzhi and Midori Sugaya
P07Integrating Building Energy Simulation with IoT Sensor Data through Extended RealityChien-Cheng Chou
P08Robot Challenge: Project-Based Learning for Building Modern Physical Systems and Creating ValueHarumi Watanabe, Mikiko Sato, Takeshi Ohkawa, Masafumi Miwa and Kenji Hisazumi
P09AI-based keypoint detection for a remote robot operation with improved safetyLudi Wang and Takeshi Ohkawa
P10About TPR’s new business project “CoRoMoCo” Uchida TPR Corp.